For your information...................

Boys Basketball vs Wells rescheduled to January 22nd, FT 10 AM, 11:30 AM JV, 1PM V at KHS

Varsity Boys Ice Hockey vs Gorham rescheduled to January 24th, 4 PM at UNE

Boys Basketball @ Brunswick rescheduled to February 5th, 12 PM First Team, 1:30 PM JV, 3 PM V

at Brunswick

Returning to School Safely and Pooled Testing

Symptomatic Students:

Anyone who has had symptoms this past week during remote learning should be tested prior to returning to school. PCR tests are the gold standard; however, testing availability is limited so any test is better than no test. If your student has symptoms and has received a negative rapid test, it is ideal to receive an additional negative rapid test 2-3 days after symptom onset. We are seeing rapid antigen tests be negative until there are a few days of established symptoms. Do not rely on one negative test to rule out Covid-19. Here is some information on how Rapid Antigen tests work and their limitations.

**Symptomatic students with known exposure should get a PCR test even if a rapid antigen test is negative. This is due to their higher risk circumstances**

Pooled Testing Update:

Pool Testing- Resumes Tuesday 1/18/2022 in the same location (Gym B)

Time- 7-10:15 *Adjusted to accommodate testing schedule*

Reminders-There will be less overhead announcements so as not to disturb testing so please have your child set a phone reminder and text them reminders as needed.

This is a VERY important pool test to participate in so we can identify positive cases. With the new guidelines our ability to survey and manage positive cases is even more important. Some of the benefits of pool testing include:

*Weekly PCR testing within the school. This keeps the school, families, and the community safe.

*Close contacts will be able to access recommended follow up testing resources at school instead of trying to find availability in the community.

*KHS nurse can perform rapid antigen tests when symptoms develop during the school day or exposure indicates need. The goal is to minimize some of the testing burden families are experiencing. The amount of testing offered will depend on state resources which fluctuate but to the best of our abilities we will try to help families.

Family Positive:

When there is a positive person in a family the risk for the rest of the family is higher than in most any other type of exposure despite vaccine status. Although asymptomatic students can continue to come to school we encourage the highest vigilance and request they take extra precautions in all settings.


Properly fitting masks and keeping them securely on the face when around people remains very important. With new variants that are more contagious, there continues to be news updates on changing our cloth or disposable masks to ones that may be more effective. Here is one article for you to review:

Changing mask to increase protection

Changing our Masking Game

Jeremie R. Sirois, Principal

207-985-1110 x 1140

Brooke Price, Nurse

207-985-1110 x 4147


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2021-2022 Kennebunk / Gymnasium/Alfond Ice Arena/University of Southern Maine

/University of New England

Indoor Sport Guidelines

2021-2022 Kennebunk High School Gymnasium Events

Face Coverings

  • Student-athletes and coaches will wear face coverings at all practices, contests, and other indoor events.

  • Student-athletes and coaches will wear face coverings at all times in the locker room.

  • Spectators, officials, and other game day personnel will wear face coverings during events held in Gymnasium.


  • Kennebunk will not have a vaccination requirement for participants, coaches, or spectators who enter

Gymnasium for activities.

  • Kennebunk coaches and student-athletes who have been vaccinated should submit a record to the nurse’s office.

  • Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for contact tracing will be followed in the event of a report of a positive case.

Locker Rooms

  • Kennebunk locker rooms will be available on a limited basis to both home and visiting personnel for changing purposes. It is recommended that teams only utilize the space for changing purposes and limit their time in the space to fourteen minutes or less. Please arrive dressed to play if possible. A classroom will be provided for half-time.

Spectator Capacity

  • At this time, Kennebunk will not impose an indoor spectator capacity.

  • Visiting parents are welcome at KHS. Visiting teams' student fans are not at this time.

  • This may be subject to change prior to or during the season based upon state guidance.

  • Tickets will be sold at the door ($4.00 - Adults/$2.00 – Students/$2.00 – Senior Citizens)

Concessions- There will be no concessions this year at KHS. There is no food or drinks allowed in KHS Gym.

Game Coverage

  • Kennebunk will livestream a schedule of basketball games and wrestling matches at

Swim and Hockey from UNE

  • Additional game management personnel will be hired to assist the athletic administrator in the management of the contest, particularly in relation to crowd control measures.

2021-2022 University of New England Guidelines: Kennebunk Swimming

  • Only individuals who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to enter the University of New England facility. This includes student-athletes, coaches, administrators, meet officials, and media.

  • Proof of vaccination should be submitted to Kennebunk High School nurse Brooke Price .

  • The University of New England has established a daily practice time of 3:00pm – 4:30 pm for KHS swimming.

  • The established meet time will be 4:00pm with a 3:00pm warm-up for the home school and 3:30pm for the visitors.

  • No fans will be allowed into meets held at the University of New England Aquatics Center.

  • Meets will be livestreamed on

2021-2022 UNE Alfond Ice Arena Guidelines

UNE Ice Arena All participants, officials, game management personnel, and spectators will wear double face coverings at UNE Alfond Arena.

2021-2022 University of Southern Maine Indoor Track and Field Guidelines

● Athletes must show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid 19 test within 72 hours of


● Masks will be required at all times including competition.

● Coaches are expected to police their team members and the proper wearing of masks.

● The University of Southern Maine is attempting to keep numbers in the facility as low as possible. (Around 350 athletes, workers, coaches, per meet). As a result, there will be no spectators at the University of Southern Maine facility as the season opens.

● Schools should not arrive in the facility more than 15 minutes earlier than their scheduled time.

● Please leave the facility as fast as possible upon completion of your meet.



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